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Overview of SIRIUS.com
SIRIUS Satellite Radio is more than 120 channels of 100% commercial-free music, world-class sports, news, talk and information. Now you can offer this amazing service to your customers because SIRIUS delivers content and quality that AM/FM radio doesn't have and can't offer from original programming to seeing the artist and song that is playing on the display feature.

How SIRIUS.com Works
1. Choose Your Radio-- You'll find radios that let you listen to SIRUS in your car, home, backyard, at the beach, on your boat… anywhere you go, Sirius is there. First, choose a radio that best fits your needs.
2. Pick A Plan-- Once you've chosen a radio, it's time to pick a subscription plan. They start at only $12.95 / month and give you several long-term money-saving options to pick from.
3. Activate-- You've got your radio and chosen your subscription plan. One last step and you're a SIRIUS listener: Activate Your Subscription!

Why Choose SIRIUS?
No one can match SIRIUS programming. We've got legendary DJs playing your favorite songs over 65 channels of 100% commercial-free music, plus exclusive live performances and artist interviews. Love sports? SIRIUS is home to the entire NFL and over 40 NBA and NHL games a week, college sports, and more!

Talk About Star Power
SIRIUS proudly presents original programming from Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Richard Simmons, Eminem, Tony Hawk, Jim Breuer, and Jimmy Buffet. Plus, the biggest names in news and talk, classic comedy, traffic and weather, and more-- on over 125 channels of the best of all radio!

SIRIUS Satellite Radio Subscription Plans
1 month for $12.95 SIRIUS has no add-on costs for so-called "premium" programming.

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In Affiliation with Sirius.com. Brand names & trademarks are property of their respective holders. While we make reference to brand merchandise such as Sirius, Howard 100, Howard 101, E! Entertainment Radio, Maxim Radio, and Court TV Radio, we are not endorsed by them.

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